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Defenseless – Zion Aquino Lyrics

Lyrics of Defenseless – Zion Aquino

You walk into the room
And I feel it again
It’s like a sense of doom
Knowing what lies ahead

That killer smile
Will drive me wild
And in no time at all
I’ll see it in your eyes
How you know that I’m
At your beck and call

I’m in danger
Beautiful stranger
Winning me over
And it’s so senseless
Coz you’re not trying
And yet I’m dying
How can I survive when
With you I’m defenseless

I’ll try to play it cool
Try to hold my ground
But like some kind of fool
I’ll follow you around

Standing next to you
To get a whiff of you
I must be going mad
Losing all control
Of my heart and soul
How could I want you so bad

Do I surrender
Give up this fight
How will I ever
Come out of this alive

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