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She Won’t Understand – Typecast Lyrics

Lyrics of She Won’t Understand – Typecast

She Won’t Understand – Typecast

C                     C/B                   
am i boring you out? am i disturbing your pace?
F                            Fm
did i break anything on you that would drip down your sail?
C                         C/B
did I troubled your life? did I make you aware?
F                           Fm                              
you’ve said you know it all and i do hope you’re right.

Am                                 F   
i’ll write all the things you are today,
Am                                           F
but it won’t be easy cause it will bother your way….
C                             F
im sorry       for caring for you,
C                    F
im sorry…and it hurts falling for you.
C   C/B  Am          F
she wont understand, she puts her mind on what she knows,

C        C/B            Am            F
she wont know anything, she wont know everything
C                         C/B                              
You are breaking me out you dont have a chance too see,
F                                            F          
your words tear a thousand pieces and it falls all over me.
C                         C/B        
can we make up for it? you wont make up for me.
  F                         Fm
you go on your way and listen to things that you want to hear.