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Dorothy – Typecast Lyrics

Lyrics of Dorothy – Typecast

Dorothy – Typecast

it was saturday and i’m waiting for my friends and then you came
and you dazzled me with the way you walk near me
then i thought i would approach you
but it makes no sense
because you’re with your boyfriend

and i know i can never skate the way he does
growls the way he growls
the way he dress so cool
and i know i can never be the same like him
cool like him but that’s just me

i was playing my guitar when you passed by
my body got so heavy,
i cant move my fingers
and then you sat in front of me
you could see me shiver i feel
you’re staring at me i’m a little older,

i’m a little older,
but then i feel so young
and even if your boyfriend kicks my ass
its alright i see you

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