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Better – Typecast Lyrics

Lyrics of Better – Typecast

Better – Typecast

leave him, he’s not worth the pain, he’s not worth
it at all. maybe he just made mistakes, i know
he’s not so serious. ask yourself ‘am I improving?

the memories are all so numb. it’ s just what he
wants, he doesn’t see how beautiful you are. i say
it from the heart, when will you see that i need
you. please do stop and think about, that you’re
better off with me. look around, do you see him?

when problems come he seems to disappear. you said
he’s starting to understand, but I think he
doesn’t have a brain. he’s the guy who loves to
f*ck around. the kind that breaks the heart of
girls like you, please do stop and think about,
you’re better off with a loser l

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