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Short but Funky – Too Short Lyrics

Lyrics of Short but Funky – Too Short

Verse 1:
Life is too short but now its kind of funky
I make the beats for me and my homies
Newspaper reporters and others always ask me
Why Im x-rated and I rap so nasty
When I was a teen I did nothing else
But pick up a pen and express myself
The things I wrote were obsene and kind of dirty
But mama always said the truth couldnt hurt me
She also said that it would set me free
I guess she was r-i-g-h-t on the nail
Cause now Im out making my mail
It all started out from a freaky tale
If thats what sells then Im a stick with it
Short dog aint changing, so forget it
You can sell out if you want to, homie
But Im a stay short but funky

Verse 2:
Dont stop, just call it verse two
Its short dog baby from the dangerous crew
Not your average everyday fake rap on the micro
I might say something that your mother dont like so
Dont play it loud if shes around to see
But you can play this cause its rated pg
When Im rated x Im just having my fun
I bring a smile to each and every one
But theres a serious side in everything I say
Life is too short for you to wait til the next day
Just straighten up your life and you can start right here
Drop the cocaine and the bottles of beer
People always say it aint right to preach
But take my advice, get wise and reach for the sky
So you can live like a king homie
And Im a stay short but funky

Verse 3:
You never catch me on the mic rappin a dance tune
I like it kind of mellow with the sound of the bass boom
The style is mine, Ive been doing it for ten
You might say its simple, but Im making my ends
See I dont trip on a punk cause I jack him
Too $hort plus the cuss words equals platinum
What would I look like dancing on a stage
I wave my hand and do it like the old days
But some dumb fool want to take it out of hand
With 50 million dancers and a big old band
That aint me, Im from the old school
Play the instrumental, get the mic and Im cool
Cause Im an oaktown mack and its like that, so
It all comes out in my records and my stage show
In my category Im the one and only
And Im a stay short but funky

Hey yo, thats it
Baby jesus

Dog baby from the dangerous crew