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I Aint Trippin – Too Short Lyrics

Lyrics of I Aint Trippin – Too Short

I was told not long ago
Too $hort dont stop that rap!
Now everytime I grab the mic
I rock you just like that
8 years ago when I started to rap
I use to sell tapes everywhere
It was me and my homeboy freddy b, yoo
Kickin it like big players
Everybody loved my raps like 100 dollar bills
I rocked houseparties on 98th
Even rocked in 69 vill
Might find me on the mic at hot lips house
Or at the eastbay dragonspot
All the 85th boys with their hand in the air
Screamin too $hort just dont stop!
Like royal park, like plymouth rock
First street and sunnyside
Like sobrante park and brookefield
East oakland, yeah, thats right
5 years ago I continued to rock
And if you havent yet heard my name
It was all in the papers, on the evening news
I was stone cold in the game
Around that time a friend of mine
My homeboy lionel b hooked me up like this, yoo
On the stage just rockin the beat
Some say I have a dirty mind
Sometimes that might be true
But these are just some dirty times
I aint trippin on you…

I aint trippin, keep on talkin
You think Im smokin that pipe
I got money, homeboy
I even got some of your future wifes
Well, my story goes like this, man
I smooth went out on wax
Singin girl, thats your life
Female funk and shortrapp
Silky d worked the beat kicked me cold cash
I was ridin the bus one day
Next day I was on the gas
Everybody loved too $hort
Rollin down the strip
Then one day just like that
Homeboy jumped on my tip
You started spreadin rumors, man
Said you saw me rappin in jail
No, I never came down to the flatlands
I was chillin with the homies from the hill
I aint trippin but the word went out
Sir too $hort was through
Cant really say where it all began
So ima blamin it all on you
Everybody use to say
Too $hort dont stop that rap!
Now everytime you see my face
You say Im smokin crack
Oakland, california, I heard it all before
Im makin big bank now, rockin the crowd
I aint trippin no more…

Now Im back on top again
I still dont stop that rap
Everytime I grab the mic
My bankrolls gettin fat
Freaky tales took care of that
You know Im comin up
Cause everytime you see my face
Im rollin all so tough
When I made the cut…the-he-he freaky tales
I started picturin this
I named my album born to mack
With the cleaniest raps and beats
Everythin was kickin in
Me and ran kept cashin checks
Next thing I know there you go
Guess whos on my tip?
You said I just got out of jail
Jumped right back on that pipe
Your sisters boyfriend told you, man
Im smokin every night
Then you came to my show
And stood there so damn bold
You said too $hort, man, you smoking
And Im standin here dreamin gold
I aint trippin no more
Really aint worth my time
So to squashed it off I kicked on back
And wrote you all the rhyme
Benzes rollin, beemers jettin
And caddies keep on dippin
You keep on talkin all that crap
I aint trippin…

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