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Can’t We Try – Toni Gonzaga Lyrics

Lyrics of Can’t We Try – Toni Gonzaga

Can’t We Try – Toni Gonzaga

Things are fine
But in my nights I miss the one
With whom I share my thoughts and dreams
Alone, I’m finding out
It’s hard to be without you here with me
It makes me crazy

Days have passed
And so the nights get colder
All the more I grow to miss you stronger
No, I’ve never been in love
And hurt like this before
But let me ask you one thing


Can’t we try
To make up for the bad times
Baby can’t we try
To bring back all the loving
That is still inside
I’m sure it’s right
This could be forever
Let’s give it one more try

(Repeat II and Chorus)


You see, there can’t be
Somebody else between us
Seldome do some people find
Another chance like ours
And if we take it
Then we’ll make it through

(Repeat Chorus except last line)

Let’s give our love just one more try

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