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Oh Canada – The Moffatts Lyrics

Lyrics of Oh Canada – The Moffatts

(Oh Canada we stand on guard, for thee)
I told this guy where I was from
He said oh, Canada
Kinda laughs it off, real funny huh?
yeah, uh, come on

(O Canada)
1-2, 1-2,
Mic. check, 1-2, 1-2
(O Canada)

Uh, yea
From the land of the lost
Trans-Canada crossed
Patriotic and a honor
With a hand on my heart

From the greatest of lakes
To the greenest of greens
To the rockiest mountains
And everything in between

O-o-o Canada
Oh you’re no fan of us?
Cause our movie and TV shows are so amateur?
Yeah, we laugh at off, that don’t really bother me
Look, we ain’t serious unless you really gotta be

Humorous attitude like kids in the hall
Like Jim Carey Mike Myers yeah we claiming them all

It’s the great white north
Home of the funniest actors
The front of the joke
With an abundance of laughter

The red and white flag
Keep it high keep it visual
People see Canada and get stereotypical
Think we finish every sentence with Buddy or BI
And if it ain’t that its either do, eh or guy
(Canataka A)
Yeah we consider it people
And smoking marijuana
We consider it legal

Still doing rap like the 1990’s
But that’s how we like it off timed and grimy

I know where I’m from and i told ya before
North of America hard to ignore
Every time i go away i tell them for sure
[ Classified Lyrics ]
I’m from Canada o-o-o Canada

(O Canada)
O Canada o-o-o Canada
(O Canada)
I’m from Canada
O-o-o Canada

The class makes a sick beat, we call it a classic (x4)

I’ve been around the globe and
Heard the confusion
Honestly a lot o’yall are ignorant and stupid

Yes, we have microwaves, TV’s and cell phones
Unintelligent fuck we invented the telephone
We made Yahtzee
The light bulb, hockey
And bred the greatest playa’s Gretzky to Crosby
We all got at least one drinking buddy
And after one drink, all of us think we’re funny

Our national mascot’s a damn beaver
O Canada we love our beaver
Home o’Hell’s Angels the RCMP
Home of Gordon Lightfoot and SCTV

The underground rail road
Georges St. Pierre
Right here is where he calls home

Our health care system
Y’all know its free
Keep a girl banging with a full mouth of teeth
I wont even get into the music industry
They say hip hop is dead
Naw its up north with me
I could do this all day its a part of my routine
But supper’s almost done and tonight poutine

I know where I’m from and i told ya before
North of America hard to ignore
Every time I go away i tell em for sure
I’m from Canada o-o-o Canada
(I’m from the east coast of Canada)
O-o-o Canada
(I’m from the east east east coast)
Yo yo!
See I’m from Canada so sometimes the words come out of my mouth like this
Get used to it

(O Canada, we stand on guard for thee)

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