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Bitterly – The Jerks Lyrics

Lyrics of Bitterly – The Jerks

Separately living alone in misery
Blindly coping with the pain my heart
Desperately sitting
In a corner hurting silently
Trying to make a change
But i don’t know where to start

Together, you and I will be together
But nothing last forever
For hearts made of clay
September. time for me to know
You’ve got another
Doesn’t really matter
I just wished you could’ve have stayed
But i know it’s rather late

Bitterly watching a breaking heart
Funny how we never learn
From the very start
Bitterly once, Bitterly twice
Over and over again, we roll the dice

Destiny tommorow is uncertain
It hides inside secretly
Who knows while we’re walking
In the streets one day
Constantly living for the day
Although it’s empty
Waiting in the dark for the light of the day
And dry my tears away

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