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Take My Love Away – Teedra Moses Lyrics

Lyrics of Take My Love Away – Teedra Moses

verse one:
so you’re gone for the night
you say you’re off in the grind
and i pray thru the tears
there’s no truth to my fears
(i’d have to be totally blind not to see what you do to me)
we had the life
that i dreamed about
but no where within my dreams
do you let me down
(somehow i thought we’d make it over)i dont know (thought i could really make you happy (i don’t know)
finally i realized
its time
that i take my love away
i take my love away

verse two:
what my heart really wants
my mind knows is wrong we can’t be
(sometimes i feel that maybe i should just give it time we’ll see just hold on)
another try
but tell me why
in the end will only end up here again
(now i’m gonna go round and round and round)
i feel it
in me
my love for you is not enough to keep
me here and
i tried so long and i want this
but now i must move on

chorus x2
cuz i dont wanna go round and round
take my love away

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