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Bunk Rock Bitch – Tech N9ne Lyrics

Lyrics of Bunk Rock Bitch – Tech N9ne

Konichiwa bitches, come visit i called it the apartment
a 6 by 3 or whatever brings out your inner woman
I rock your body the twat is creamy and hot is saki
let me inside and i’ll let you ride on my Kawasaki

Let get a bit of bump bump bump bump bump bump bump action
and ima hit you the bump bump bump bump hump re-hump action
I got your number, baby you might wanna slumber
party over with a under cover brother who wonder

To find out what the D like inside in between thighs
baby wont you tell me what that be like
I got a fist full of hair and you ain’t going nowhere
right I’m done kissin your pear right on as you wanna stare

cover your face up with the bed spread you lettin the legs spread
damn girl you know you got the bed wet
Now you callin me humounga strokin you with the thunda
I have to say I love the way you bump rock

You feisty and finnikey
have a bottle of hennesey
tour bus can for sure bust
and you full of that energy

aint no doubtin your southern routin
it’s pure and repleinishing
once you swollow now follow me to the back lets come get inbetween

The top and the bottom fuck off in the middle for me
once i swollow a little pill those other rappers symbolize the pompus more sweet
kutty cal you’re workin with somethin baby boy dont be rough with me
cuase you know i got a boyfriend established when we do it he’ll be known as C

Thats when she put on that maginum with her mouth when feelin no teeth
and then she hopped on the dragon bringin out the villian in me
got a little bit of somethin for nothin put my name in the pussy for sheezy
cant wait to get a bump full of lovin next time when i’m in her city

and I got my mojo and tack right give women that act right
my foreplay is the crack but then my dick is the glass pipe
my bunk is the hideout nobody will find out
when she leaves she tweakin lookin all spooked cuase she hide out (on the bunk rock)

It goes, one little two little three little bunk rocks then
four little five little six little bunk rocks then
seven little eight little nine little bunk rocks
more than 10 of them bitches share some stories with me

I had fun with em hung with em plunged in their hot spots
I tongue split em, done did em, flug them and dropped it
got drunk with em sung with em sprung them if not
then I bet you none of them ever speak bad about me

To all the ladies who will be your dishes be on the lookout we in your town
cuase i’m lookin for a team of butch for her skin and aint scared to put it down
you can be black and chinese, or heavenly mix breed whatever it’s gonna be we’ll go
Cuase I want the Prada, Gucci or Hadana even what you wearing your nadas gonna hit the floor

To all the ladies across teh globe who aint been in the bunk
we can do it in the bedroom or bathroom, buick or whatever you want
an invitation to me sensation I’ll mail it to some
but if you impatient get tired of waitin catch mail in this bunk