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Izzo (Freestyle) – Taestar, Blokka Lyrics

Lyrics of Izzo (Freestyle) – Taestar, Blokka

Cha, Cha! You know I got a million flows. TaeStar if you aint know. It’s Blokka…………
B to the L-O, Double K, Izzay. (BLOKKA)
Hit my first lick on Linn Street down by the Bodeg.
Keep ya’ Chop stick for fake beef or some Lo Mein. Still in the hood, go to school next to Cee Kay. Summer time cook-outs, still on Wizzade. (Wade) Just turnt one eight, aye RIP to Rick J.
A, Double Izzafe, E, to the Wizziy.(AFFEY)
Teen girl innocent, kilt right on Vizzine. (Vine)
Hunnid to the grizzave, (Grave) Homies in the cizzage. (Cage)
Lil Skeet with me, been that nigga since his age. Never ever complain, so much on my plizzate. (Plate)
Wake up get to it, man I gotta’ get my shit straight.
Getting money Doe-Low, name a nigga I owe?
Had to let the hoe go, she kept running her pie hole.
Some words from a OG, it’s family memebrs only.
Cops killing crazy, gotta’ watch out for the police.
Talking on my line, send a text if you don’t know me.
G, to the Izzar, E-A, Tizzy. (GREAT)
Drugs probably OD, got em’ from a OG.
And NA you don’t know me, if you don’t know KILONTI.
I mean Kilonte, from back up on one tre’.
Sister daddy died, he lost his life to some gun play.
Skally, Tre Dub, yeah I grew up bumping Lil Zay. Back like 6th, man the hoes used to Plizzay. (PLAY)
Slimes on the Izelle (L) , with pounds of the great dame.
Couple jammed up, so hell na i can’t say names.
F, to the S-G. B, to the Izzay. (FSGBA)
Say she downtown, told her meet me on Doce’. (12th)
Had to bring the Trizzay (Tre’) No I can’t get played. City Loving me, but in the clubs I don’t get played.
Bet you know the Nizzame (NAME)
Star after Tizzaye (TAE)
Smae group of shottaz, they been with me since 5th Grade. Loyal down chick, she been with me since 5th grade. Up or down bad, same nigga since 5th grade.
In my news feed, ain’t a bitch that didnt get Slayed…..I mean Slizzayed, forgot I’m flowing like Jay. Never been dumb in them books I make straight A’s.
Moving too fast, caught a case back in 9th grade.
Leaning when the sprite came, never did dice games.
Smiling over tears, it ain’t easy trying to fight pain.
Hard for a black man, living in this white game. Mention the hottest when you say my name…….
Wear Levis, No balmains. But Guarantee stuffed all franks, you niggas like to look rich but ain’t got shit thats Always.
Sold many dimes in the hallways, took off when the Law came.
My day Ones we all straight, I’m covered just Like ALL-State. F to the Izziye. M, to the Izze(ME) Same people with me, everytime you see. College Life next year, trying to go to UC. & Live a better Lizzife (LIFE) for L-Y, R.I.C (LYRIC)
Free all my real guys, sitting in the J.C
Money put down, just so they can Jay-Pay Me. Plenty Friends Lizzost (LOST) 100 women hate. Cause Aint nobody never showed me how to treat a Lady. Mom She my Lady, Daddy Didnt raise me…… But I got mad Love for em’, Still my nigga !!!!! Cha, Cha Student Lyricist The Mixtape, cant nobody stay in that pocket Like BLOKK man. I’m Signing out

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