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The Crown Ft. – Slapshock Lyrics

Lyrics of The Crown Ft. – Slapshock


You see me fall in my despair, i’m on my knees but you don’t care
a seed of trust turn into dust, you made us place your paradise

well i don’t care, cause you don’t care
you never really give a damn, get out of my head

this crown is killing lives, playing with live
this crown, covered with blood, covered with lies


yeah, yeah, come on listen, money, power, greed, deceit
the rich get richer and the poor can’t eat, we livin’ in a world
where its hard to compete, no equality for my people on the streets
that’s why you gotta open your eyes, and realize they and these guys and they tellin’ these lies, don’t be surprise whether why i stand up, if you’re fed up with the shit then put your hands up.


Keep flashing your possessions, keep counting all your millions, who is your god? what is your motivation?

Submitted by: tiborsho

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