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Antigravity – Sirens Lyrics

Lyrics of Antigravity – Sirens

You know that gravity keeps weighing you down
You’re moving on but you’re not that strong to hold on
And i know, you’re tired and you wanna give up
Pick up your feet and breathe & listen to the voices

Can’t you feel it inside, can’t you feel it?
Can’t you hear it inside, can’t you hear it?
Don’t you dare run and hide
Don’t you run, don’t you hide

Reach out to the fallen ones
Got everything to gain and nothing to lose
This is the start, reach out the stars
We’ll walk to the edge of the world,
A soul that pushes on and nothing can hold us
This is start, reach out the stars

Finally breathing in the light
Breathe out the voices inside
I am the one who can take full control of the sun
It’s the beginning!
That my mind and my soul and my body hold it together
And live as one

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