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Got to Believe – Side A Lyrics

Lyrics of Got to Believe – Side A

Got to Believe – Side A

take me to your heart
show me where to start
let me play the part of your first love
all the stars are right
every wish is ours tonight my love

maybe those who wait
trust in love to fate
findin out to late where they lost it
never letting go
they will never know the ways of love

you got to believe in magic
tell me how do people find each other
in a world thats full of strangers
you got to believe in magic
something stronger than the moon above
cos its magic when two people fall in love

I may never know
why I need you so
all that is to know is this feeling
handle it with care
we were born to share this dream my love


times on our side
and we always cross our ways
i guess we’re meant to stay
don’t take the magic away

you got to believe in magic(2x)


got to believe…

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