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Dead and Gone – Shadows Fall Lyrics

Lyrics of Dead and Gone – Shadows Fall

The dream inside of me
Is the death inside of you
Your indifference breeds indifference

Realized way too late
That your life was always fake
It bends until it breaks
Illusions we’ve forsaken

A vision still remains
Of a world that’s lost and gone insane

It’s a chance we have to take
Our only options
Are the ones we create

Waiting for this day to come
Thought I’d be left for dead
But the light still shines ahead

The whole world has come undone
But we will carry on
Until your ways are dead and gone

The answers can’t be seen
When hatred’s all you you’ve been
Living life on the offensive

See through all the lies
Destroy your last disguise
Can’t let this survive
Refuse to compromise

When do we place the blame
When all our mistakes are all the same

Escape the ghosts we left behind
And follow me until the end of time