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Mama – Sarah Geronimo Lyrics

Lyrics of Mama – Sarah Geronimo

You are love
You’re the light
You are inspiration
You’re my life

You… beautiful wonderful
Everything, my all
You are inspiration

Everywhere I go, I got a piece of you
Everything I need, I got it here with you
Anywhere I’d be, I got you here with me
Mama, mama, mama, mama…

Everybody sees how much you mean to me
Everything I feel, I want the world to see
Knowing that I got you
Nothing I can’t be
Mama, mama, mama, mama…

You, amazing
Blazing from heaven
My angel
You are inspiration
My life

[Repeat Chorus]

Oohhh..oh.. yeah.. mama.. ohh mama..
Mama, I love you..

[Repeat Chorus]