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I Want to Know What Love Is Lyrics

Lyrics of I Want to Know What Love Is

I Want To Know What Love Is – Sarah Geronimo

gotta take a little time
a little time to think things over
better read between the lines
in case i need it when im older
ooh yeah
this mountain i must climb
is like the the world upon my shoulders
through the clouds i see love shines
it keeps me warm as life grows colder


in my life
theres been heartahe and pain
i dont know if i can face it again
cant stop now i’ve traveled so far
to change this lonely life


i wanna know what love is
i want you to show me
i wanna feel what love is
i know you can show me yeah

gonna take a little time
a little time to look around me
got nowhere left to hide
looks like love has finally found me
(repeat refrain and chorus)

Lord help me to be strong
on this road i travel on
when im lost and lonely find me
my journey’s just begun
and im not the only one
cause i wanna know
i wanna know…
i wanna know…