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This I Swear Lyrics

Lyrics of This I Swear

This I Swear – Sam Milby

I’ll be true to you
And everything i do
Will always be for you
I hope you don’t mind
I’ll share these feelings
Feelings for you

The first time i saw you
I knew that you’re the one
Then i’ll be waiting for this time

Coz i’ll be close to you
No matter where you are
I’ll be close to you
And this i swear
And this i swear is true

Hand in my heart
i promise you
My love is for you
Believing conflicts may arise
But i’ll be right here waiting for you

And i’ll stand with you
Until the end of time
And i’ll be waiting for you
If you would say goodbye

And i’ll never ever say goodbye
I don’t know why i’m willing to try
This lonely heart belongs to you

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