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Each Day With You – Nyoy Volante Lyrics

Lyrics of Each Day With You – Nyoy Volante

Flowers for you on this lovely evening
They have no words, they share my feelings
As we walk along the avenue
Pardon me, I just can’t help staring at youAs I look into your sparkling eyes
I float in the air and wander in paradise
You give my heart a source of inspiration
Your beauty is beyond imaginationCHORUS
You are the one, the only one that I desire
When we touch, when we’re one, you light the fire
The seasons we share hand in hand, there seems to be no time
Each day with you becomes a valentineTime must go on and so must we
Moments slip away but not the memories
One day as we look back, we’ll always treasure
Candlelight that shines beyond forever[Repeat CHORUS twice]AD LIB[Repeat last two lines of CHORUS]Each day with you becomes a valentine

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