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This Is the End – Now You Make Me Angry Lyrics

Lyrics of This Is the End – Now You Make Me Angry

You can’t tell me to shut up
I’m here to tell you that I’m sick of your face
Maybe I act insane
But this is what love made me
I know you treat her that way
You’re apathetic, sucker
It doesn’t work to me
This ain’t what she deserves
I’m gonna steal her coz she’s better of with me

You’re not her knight
When you can’t even treat her right
You’re not her hero
You’re not her prince
I’m here to fight on her behalf
(You douchebag)

Where is the boss I knew?
Why don’t you stand up and face me now?
Where is your bravery?
You only have it when you’re friends are around
Stick to the original plan
That I will take you down
I will leave you bruised
‘Coz you always leave her broken
Damn you

By now you should already know
That it was our intention to lead you down in this trap
You call yourself an adult
But you act like a kid
You seek advice from the self proclaimed wise
The illiterate with the fake messianic disguise

Lift up your weary face
And let me wipe your tears
Brush off the dirt on your clothes
‘Coz from now on, You’re free
Forget what here took place
Look forward to your brighter days
Let rise your stronger self
‘Coz from now on, You’re free

This will be the end

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