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Davenport – Never the Strangers Lyrics

Lyrics of Davenport – Never the Strangers

Be still, my love, before it’s over now
(and listen closely)
Before they come and take you away from me

Can you feel the rush, rush?
Can you feel the rush, rush, baby?

Would you look in my eyes,
Hold me close one more time?
and our dreams,
they will live forever.

Forever, forever.

Remember the time we sat by the shore?
(and nothing mattered)
We’d laugh like nobody else was around.

Now this ain’t goodbye, a summer night sky
Can you and I try, baby?

You’re going nowhere, not until I hear;
Not ’til you tell me you’ll see me, again.

You’re gone and you’re leaving, would you take my heart with you?
Now, you’re gone and you’re leaving, don’t you break my heart in two.

This goes for every sunset that we’ll never have,
and every sweet word that’ll just fade out.

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