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What Do Pinoys Say (What Does the Fox Say Pinoy Parody) – Mikey Bustos Lyrics

Lyrics of What Do Pinoys Say (What Does the Fox Say Pinoy Parody) – Mikey Bustos

French say “Oui”
Italians say “Ciao”
Russians say “Dah”
Chinese say “Ni Hao”
We Canadians don’t say “A-Boat” but Australians say “Eh!”

But there are things that you will hear when you come to these islands. Oh, they are sounds that we all know

What do Pinoys say!
Close open, Close open!(X3)
What do Pinoys say?!
Susmariosep ay naku! (X3)
What do Pinoys say?!
Taho (by day) Balut (by night) (X3)

My nanay is a standard Pinay. She says “Don’t make fond of me! Ayee!”
Lola said “Bless anak!” after washing my butt crack.
My Tita says “Tabi tabi po!” when we pass the duwende house.
And when we point, we use our lips. We communicate through different dialects, different languages, from our provinces.
When we grew up we all did our voice like this, when we were just kids, sounds so robotic ahhh!

What do Pinoys say?! “Hala sige there’s moomoo there!” (X3)
What do Pinoys say?! “Bless… Mano po!” (X3)
What do Pinoys say?! “Psstt! Doon… *pointing with lips* Mmmm!” (X3)
What do Pinoys say?! “Yiiihhiiii!” (X3)

Gotta love Pinoys! It is standard to see us eating egg with our rice, blending halo-halo ice.
When we are at a picnic you’ll always hear our sounds! Maingay mga pinoy, even when we sneeze… when we do videoke… when we’re making chismis… so many Pinoy sounds!

These are standard sounds. I want to, I want to, I want to be Pinoy!

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