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Tricycle Rock – Mikey Bustos Lyrics

Lyrics of Tricycle Rock – Mikey Bustos

Tricycle, tricycle, tricycle rock!
No not that kind the Philippine type
I am your driver, you’ll sit to my right
There’s no seatbelt so hold on tight

Tricycle, tricycle, tricycle rock!
If you get sick or claustrophobic
sit behind me, some like riding on top
but do not fall off!

When it’s sunrise, morning time I
do not have any change.
In the night time, it’s the best time
to sleep soundly in the tricycle lane
when my tray’s full of change, pesos for days
I will cash all I got.
I’ll pay for my kids to go to their school
so they become a doc!

Tricycle, tricycle, tricycle rock!
Mine has cool lights, I’m pimpin at night
Have to be careful of where I will park
so I can pee and fart

It’s a hard life, lots of work I
at times am tired too
but in the Philippines, people need me
to drive them to work and to their schools

don’t take car, don’t take cab, take a nice trike
it’s so cheap you’ll be shocked
cover your nse here comes a jeepney
I can counterflow, do not worry though
that’s the tricycle rock

merry christmas!