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Revive Our Love – Mikey Bustos Lyrics

Lyrics of Revive Our Love – Mikey Bustos

Ooh… Shoodoo…
Come back home…
Come back home… Ooh.

I’m thinkin’ about how people used to say
Just look at those two love birds spending the time away
Like nothing ever mattered
I’m thinkin’ about how I would hold your hand
And whisper my sweet nothings in your ear
Forever was ours that was the plan that we
Never followed through, like we were supposed to do.
Now you’ve found somebody else, I know don’t compare to me,
The one who won your heart, and wants to make a new start.
Let me be the one to show you, girl.


Take us back to the sweet dreams of all our dreams of love
When you and I were together. True love lasts forever,
And when he finally disappears just know you can find love here
It’s time to revive our love, Time to revive our love.

I know you hold on to fears that relive the past,
But the past is exactly that and for that I’m telling you I’m sorry.
‘Cause it’s time to move on and start a fresh new page of a chapter
Happily after all this time apart. The hurting is over, my heart’s taking over,
‘Cause I’ve made my mistakes, a million and one to date
And now you’ve found somebody else, we both know he ain’t like me,
The one who made you happy almost effortlessly
Bring life back to the love, baby.

(Repeat chorus)

And when the moment comes, you realize he’s not the one
Who made you feel inside, that love you felt when you and I were one.
I look at you and him. You’re two not one within.
It’s so plain to see your love was meant for me.

(Repeat chorus X2)

I’m thinking about, how people used to say,
Just look at those two love birds.

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