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Haharanahin Kita – Mikey Bustos & David DiMuzio Lyrics

Lyrics of Haharanahin Kita – Mikey Bustos & David DiMuzio

The first time I saw you
Such a beautiful face
I didn’t know what to say
And how could I tell you
What was inside my heart
And what only words can’t explain

And so here goes nothing
But a few simple chords
And a heart that is yours to break
So I’m hoping you’ll listen
From your open window
And believe in a love we can make

Cuz maybe with a melody
You’ve put inside of me
Oh I’ve found a way to show

I’ll never let you go
(Kahit na umuulan)
Oh this is my song to show
(Tulad ng hanging habagat)
I know our love won’t end
Cuz I’ll start over again
Haharanahin kita

To see you here crying
With that look on your face
Like you’re packing your bags to leave
It’s not always easy
With a boy as stubborn as me
And I owe an apology

So baby with a melody
Hope that I can make you see
And I’ll find a way to show

Hawak kamay tayo’y maglalakad sa dalampasigan
Let the sound of the waves sing the song of my heart, falling forever

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