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Balikbayan Box – Mikey Bustos (Wrecking Ball Parody) Lyrics

Lyrics of Balikbayan Box – Mikey Bustos (Wrecking Ball Parody)

You called and told me “Anak ko we sent you balikbayan box.” I jumped and screamed imagining having all those foreign products!

I’ll have Coffeemate, Lotion, chocolates, shampoo even if I’m kalbo, second hand damit, I don’t care I still want it, as long as there’s brand name to show!

I’m getting balikbayan box, sent to me from my Mom abroad. I will wait for a whole 2 months, all those pasalubong coming to me, and I hope Canadian money.

I waited for your door to door, it came, I handled it with care. “It’s heavy” Frank said so excited to smell that North American air.

But there was so much tape, I could not open it, and rope tied around the whole box. Address written everywhere as if we’re blind over here and OA naman yung padlocks.

I got my balikbayan box, I waited for it for 2 months. I bet it’s full of awesome stuff. Some Colgate and new briefs, imported corn beef, I got my balikbayan box, so full of imported products, I know I will feel so sosyal parang foreigner lang, thanks to my Mommy. I’ll have Nikes on my feet!

after using lots of force, I finally managed to get it in. There’s so much newspaper Good Lord! on Toronto Mayor Robert Ford. Excited for the gifts within, I started to dig deep inside, and when I finally got within, I just could not believe my eyes.

I just want to say, to my dear Mommy, I will always love you.

But I got my balikbayan box and everything inside it sucks, some medicine for chicken pox, holy water incase of what? Conjuring?! You sent oil of oregano (ano ‘to?), a winter coat in case it snows (it’s so hot), a pair of sexy panty hose, ay naku what is this? Melted icecream! and this? Always with wings! Ay naku Medyas that stink!

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