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Take Me There – Miguel Escueta Lyrics

Lyrics of Take Me There – Miguel Escueta

I knew this rope would be about miles long.
I know this chance could be far gone.
Running in a blitz,
I can’t see what’s in front of me
But this uncertainty’s enough

As the stars give me the breeze if possibility, the scent of your perfume intoxicates
There’s nothing more intruiging than clouds of the unknown, but we won’t know unless we go

Bring me to a place where no one’s been,
And maybe my world could take its flight once again
Could you be the one who sets me free from here?
Would you tell me now, could you be the one to take me there?

I’m risking all the sunshine to see this through, what’s at stake here overwhelms me.
Why can’t we climb and see what’s on the other side?
It just might be good enough

Repeat Chorus

Sometimes we crawl and can’t explain
Sometimes we know it won’t be the same.
Can’t loosen the grip!
Not just yet, not just yet…

Repeat Chorus