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Live It – Miguel Escueta Lyrics

Lyrics of Live It – Miguel Escueta

Live It – Miguel Escueta

Sometimes I wish that I was someone else
Running through this sea of not knowing what to be
The answers seem clear, yet the choice not quite so

Losing more breath as time keeps running out
Is the bliss behind these dreams really worth the trade off?
What price must I pay for me to live these things?

I’m slipping faster than it seems
These walls are caving in
Going deeper just to grasp this one last breath
And you, couldn’t see the way
I do we are who we choose
I guess its time to leave this all behind

When that time comes, will you still be here?
Or will the wind come and take you away with the rest I
Think that I’ve already decided

(Repeat Chorus)

Where is perfect bliss behind these two doors?
Is it true what they say about this file?
Can’t the tides bring me the best of both worlds?

(Repeat Chorus)

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