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Lover Please – Melissa Etheridge Lyrics

Lyrics of Lover Please – Melissa Etheridge

A shot in the dark I woke up to find
You had broke all the rules
And you changed your mind
Didn`t I love you good
Didn`t I love you right
Then tell me where are you going
Dressed to kill tonight
Oh this one`s gonna hurt like hell

Answer my prayer and answer the phone
Think twice about it honey
Turn around and come on home
Lover stop lover don`t
Lover stop
Lover lover please

It`s the same old tune
I have sung before
It`s the same old game
It`s just a different score
If there was just one thing
I could call my own
It would be your love
That`s sinking like a stone
Oh this one`s gonna hurt like hell

And they hold you like I want to
And they give you what I want to
And they take it like I want to
And they make it and they break it
Why must you reject me
Why can`t you protect me

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