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Headcrusher – Megadeth Lyrics

Lyrics of Headcrusher – Megadeth

It’s time to take your last walk in this world
Before your journey begins underground
But not before we torment you
From your cell straight to hell
The shortest order in between

Begging for mercy, you’re all alone
Unable to handle the pressure
Before this mortification
Now let the torture begin!

Death from the Head Crusher
Head Crusher!
Death from the Head Crusher

The Horrific torture device
For those who fail interrogation
The most painful technique ever known
People thirst for the worst
Disgust that’s integration

Breathing, Broken, in bloody wreck
Adding insult to injury
Heed the cast but it’s much too late
Now let the torture begin!


On your knees prisoners take your position
Place your chin foward into the restraint
Your head slowly caves in from the compression
You’ll fade to the blackout from the infernal pain

Twisting, jerking the shiest move
Your teeth are breaking loose
Crushed and splintering into your mouth

Winding down, cutting through
Like broken glass being chewed
Your fragmented skull and shatttering bones

There’s nothing you can do!


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