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Wild Angels – Martina Mcbride Lyrics

Lyrics of Wild Angels – Martina Mcbride

Bewteen the perfect world and the bottom line
Keeping love alive in these troubled times
It�s a mircle in itself
And we know too well what that�s about
Still we made it through, only God knows how
We must�ve had a little help
(must�ve been)

Wild angels, wild angels
Watching over you and me
Wild angels, wild angels
Baby what could it be

Well it must�ve been hard, it must�ve been tough
Keeping up with crazy fools like us
�cause it�s so easy to fall apart
And we still break each other�s heart sometimes
Spent some nights on the jagged side
Somehow we wake up in each other�s arms
(must�ve been)

Repeat chorus

There are some nights
I watch you while you dream
I swear I hear the sound of beating wings

Repeat chorus