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On Your Own – Mark Bautista Lyrics

Lyrics of On Your Own – Mark Bautista

On Your Own – Mark Bautista

you need a light to fill the emptiness
to drive away the sad regrets
it’s getting time to face the hardest test
the long and lonely road
but when the journey’s finally over you can smile

you’re on your own
without a hand to catch your fall
without the one you thought you could depend on
you’re on your own with half the strength you had before
you wonder which direction you should go
but every heart can learn to love again
and every single tear, given time must dry
i believe that you can make it on your own

you try to pack up all the memories
each sad reminder of the past
but then an old familiar melody
brings her face to mind
your broken heart will need some time to lether go

[repeat chorus]

you’re on your own
tomorrow’s just a step away
so, stare the past right in the face and let it go
you’re on your own
there’s still some dreams ahead for you
there’s nothing left to lose, go on and try
and I believe your heart can love again
the tears have stopped falling and they all have dried
time to stand up and depend on no one
you’re feeling stonger, throw the windows open
and i believe that you can make it on your own