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Girl Can’t Help It – Lmfao Lyrics

Lyrics of Girl Can’t Help It – Lmfao

Can’t help it, the girl can’t help it
Oh babe
Oh babe

Up in the club, dance to the beat
Can’t keep her little model hands off of me
At my own table hands in the air
Girls getting freaky touching on my hair
That’s when I see you dressed like a spy
Looking like a ghost with a sign in your eye
I was right in the middle freaking this booty
That’s when you cut in came up to me
Talking about “Foo I want you back”
But you ain’t T-O, you ain’t like that

Now that I blew up it’s like that
She say “shh baby let’s talk in the back”
We started kissing then she started moaning
I said we shouldn’t do this, the girl kept goin’
It happened so quick my zipper went zip
I looked down and she was sucking on my

Can’t help it
She can’t help it
Oh babe

She can’t help it but dance to the track
With her booty on me while her man’s in the back
He’s a PC, girl I’m a Mac
Anything that you need, baby I got that
I- I can’t help but get loose
Tell the bartender “Hey where is my goose?”

We in the club, the VIP, wait hop in the booth and I high-five the DJ
I see you over there loosing control
So I took your hand and we went on the floor
With every sip I get closer to her lips
One hand on the booty one hand on the
She lookin’ right, body so tight
Leave the club early – I just might
We went home for some late night delight
She got naked and had me staring like

Can’t help it, the girl can’t help it
Oh…(and we are)

L-M-F-A-O rock the beat and rock the show
Move your feet on to the floor (movin’ it)
Start to freak and drink some more (movin’ it)

Now we up in the crib dancing to the beat
But I can’t two-step cause my pants at my feet
She hopped in the bed
Ran and got the oil then I gave her a message made her temperature boil
She was hot ay climbed on top
Feverous cowgirl, the girl got popped
She wouldn’t stop then she got crazy she said “Ref, ooh I wanna have your”

Well uh, we went back to the telly
She layed on her belly while I bumped the R. Kelly
Like a slow jam I was feelin’ on her booty
No clothes on chillin’ in tha jacuzzi
I said hey I know you wanna freak it
But I gotta girl so keep this a secret
She call me everyday, the girl won’t quit
Now I’m out with my lady guess who aww sh-

Can’t help it, the girl can’t help it
Oh babe
Oh babe
Oh babe, oh babe
Oh babe

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