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King Do My Thing – Lloyd Banks Lyrics

Lyrics of King Do My Thing – Lloyd Banks

[Lloyd Banks]
This when my pedal drops,
everything stops
pretty glittering watch
you hear me doing my thing pops
uh, hate my value like a 100 mil
keep it trill all day, clear the way cuz I come to kill

green green green
the next thing outta queens
nothing you have ever seen
I give that boy a bullet take a bullet for my team
I aint gon be nothing baby I’ma be a king
go how far I wanna go, time to do my thing
yeah I’ma do my thing
baby watch me do my thing
and now I work them ends
I’m still out here with my bling
dirty than a muthaf-cker riding with my thing
cause that’s what drama bring

uh, do me evenings, movie screens
while I pass the block
R.I.P’s in my skin, regular at the tattoo spot
playin’ hard rock, bet a mil and half you drop
I’m still sh-ttin the dealership is my bathroom stop
this aint your average gwap, big drop a bag you drop
cuz n-ggas don’t congratulate me
rather hate, mad you hot
just be mad you not
die fast, stab or shot
rambo dagger, mag or glock
rambo swagger stashing rocks
ammo stack a platinum pot
guard it like a leprechaun
Louie V letters on sweaters gettin my checkers on
the streets crowned me, I smoke all day sleep bounty

heat round me, hold my toes
the thought of defeat hounds me


[Lloyd Banks]
Look at me now, look at me smile
know you’d rather look at me down or look at me ball
bet these girls aint looking at y’all
look at my broad, look at my car
look at my crib than look at my yard
now look at my ring but watch your eyes
look at my chain you looking for God
f-ck these groupies I way too hard
busting my ass too stay sh-t hard
give up my last to feed the fam
keeping these bastards on they job
my brothers keeper, my passion for the dough is deeper
kill all year, kill em fourth quarter with my buzzer beater (swish)
look what my pen draw
B-tch with the wrist I’m Chris Paul
Millions by the four piss poor
I’m on my sixth tour
me and maurijauna equals little shop of horror
catch me on the block tomorrow
(?) pop my collar


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