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Love Never Changes – Ledisi Lyrics

Lyrics of Love Never Changes – Ledisi

If I could change my world
Things would be the same
There would still be love and pain
‘Cause without it, I would never change
If I took back all the lovin’ that made me cry
Would I ever realize that
I’m growing from mistakes that I made
To make me change
It will never go
Even when you go
It never leaves
Love never changes
That’s why I know
All of this is clear to me
Love is for eternity
That’s the way God wanted it to be
So I’ve learned time
don’t stay still or move fast
Nothing stays the same but love lasts
And I can’t keep living in the past
I gotta change
Love never changes
Love won’t leave
Love never changes
You have to believe
When it’s Love
Love never changes Love
Love never changes
Love never leaves
Love is so graceful
You gotta believe
When it’s Love
Love never changes

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