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Three Years in the Making – LDP Lyrics

Lyrics of Three Years in the Making – LDP

Check out the style and the swag, the lines in the rap
coming through to put the Philippines back on the map
baggin’ it are three poets on the stage
who be rappin’ it hard since we’s underage
not here to dismay, but we’re here to display
sounds that’ll lead cats who were all lead astray
groundbreaking, deranged, yeah remember the name
lyrical, not typical, you know that we’re just insane
three years since we entered the game
and from where we set foot, we came a long way
from cipher to studio sessions
from listening to songs to make everybody listen
to what we say every time the mic’s near
beat-break tracks to songs that make you shed a tear
we chillin right, we kill it live
spit is so hot that saliva’s like lava
used to shout out our names up to the sky
now they shout out our names when we arrive
the three poets that stay focused
just like soldiers, we march forward
elevating and we never fail
cause we’re united every time that we tip the scales
of course we deserve an applause
you wanna know why it’s all because

We’re lyrically deranged, that’s how we do it
check out the style we bring
i said we lyrically deranged, that’s how we do it
check out the style we bring
now watch us do out thing

Dila ng maangas pinagpuputulputulan
nang inilabas kami ng hip-hop sa sinapupunan
at ang aming katumbas parang iilang puhunan
upang maiangat ang kulturang nauubusan na
ng kredibilidad na para bang kalamidad
kapag nagrap ang mga bobo na walang abilidad
wala narin sa edad, so im about to be loud
shout out to the world that i am proud to be brown
pure Filipino at walang katulad
kayang kaya magrap na kahit walang panulat
three years in the making, napiling gamitin
ang utak upang makasulat ng sariling awitin
at maaaring aminin ako’y walang konsensya
titigil ka na parang ala singko sa edsa
kapag nagrap ako, nako sinisipulan
kapag ikaw naman parang sinisipon lang
kasi tagalog ko ay bibihira maabot
ayaw mo sa aming wika? tumira ka sa abroad
kung iniisip mo na ang rap ay bulok sa bayan natin
oh subukan mo na munang makipagsabayan sa’kin
ako ang batang bago na batong bato
parang joaquin bordado ‘to pero walang tattoo
makatang hibang na nakakalibang na may kakaibang katangian
At sa mga salitang na para bang talagang ako’y sinasapian

It took three years to run my victory lap
three years in the making now we’re getting a handclap
they used tot alk smack, now they can’t say jack
arosen from the dark, LDP is back
3 brothers, 3 poets, triple threat, bring your opponent
Put the pieces to the puzzle
side by side through the struggle
hustle to make it, with the passion for music
Lyrically strapped, we ain’t afraid to use it
it ain’t just a lyrical story, it’s a lyrical anatomy
let the anger on my mind fill in the lines for me
the patience tank draining and i’m running on empty
short fused the ni**a so you better not tempt me
brainwaves immensely so you know the rhymes authentic
emotions immensely that it gon’ get you psychedelic
heavy on the chest cause my heart is somewhat a ferric
flaming locked in and block the outside
endangered mock me but i mock the last ride
silence says it all but i’m ripping ’til i die
the soul of this song, the sound syndrome
the longest walk of my life as i fall into
the abyss of oblivion, welcome to my danger zone
welcome to the one and only, my death defying dome
sitting angered on the throne, yeah, i’m sitting alone
increasing the metronome, the sound goes monotone

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