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Can’t Do That – Kjwan Lyrics

Lyrics of Can’t Do That – Kjwan

Can’t Do That – Kjwan

Here’s a story
Lovely lady
Finest girl
Don’t give me woe

‘Cause she told me
That she loves me
That she would not take control
So I told her
I’m not fronting
I won’t mess with what I find

Gonna keep her
Close to me and
Give her love that is divine

I’m going to bring you back to reality
Where things aren’t always nice
Lots of fussing
Lots of cussing
Sometimes things don’t turn out right

So I keep her close to me
And tell her everything’s all right
No more crying
No more shadows
Girl, I’ll be your light

Lady, don’t be scared
You know that we can do this right
If only you would open up
Scared of messing with your mind

Now I’m not saying
That I ain’t free
‘Cause I know I’d do you wrong
And I’m praying that you will see
That I do not mean you harm

It ain’t easy
‘Cause I am me
Sometimes hard to tell the truth
Girl I’m trying
Please believe that
Try my best to close these wounds