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Sexiest Girl – Keith Sweat Lyrics

Lyrics of Sexiest Girl – Keith Sweat

Hey shawty, what it do
You look like you need someone to
Help you get a lil’ comfortable
And I would like to get a lil’ more acquainted
I could make you faint, Miss
What’s your name, Miss

I can’t keep my eyes off you
You’re so beautiful
You can be a model, you’re very extraordinary and
I need an all-star for my team
And you can try out for me, shawty

Shawty you just gotta be ’bout the sexiest girl in the whole world (whole wide world)
You got that booty, and those lips, sexy, nice, perfect lips so sexy
The sexiest girl, in the world

Hey baby, from head to toe you wear your clothes so crazy
Your vibe, your walk, and the way you talk
Everything (I’ve found you)
I’ll buy whatever you’re sellin’
Believe in whatever you’re tellin
I’m starin at you feelin’ [? ]

I can’t keep my eyes off you, you’re so beautiful, yea
You can be a model, you’re very, extraordinary
Come be the all-star on my team
You can try out for me!