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Me and My Girl – Keith Sweat Lyrics

Lyrics of Me and My Girl – Keith Sweat

idn’t See Me Coming. For Keith Sweat, the title of his
seventh solo album may be more revealing than you think.
For a man who has delivered five straight #1 albums,
selling a worldwide total of almost 14 million discs, you
could argue that Mr. Sweat also stands as one of the pop
world’s most underrated superstars.

But be assured that Keith wouldn’t have it any other way.
It’s been two years since his last acclaimed effort, the
aptly tilted Still In The Game, and the soft-spoken
writer/producer/vocalist once again goes against the grain
of pop hyperbole by letting the music do the talking. “I
don’t have to flex. It’s two years later and I’m two years
better,” he says matter of factly. With the urban music
world already feeling the scintillating effects of the