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Tell Me Its Real – Kc and Jojo Lyrics

Lyrics of Tell Me Its Real – Kc and Jojo

Tell me it’s real,
This feeling that we feel,
Tell me that it’s real,
Don’t let love come just to pass us by,
It’s all we have to do,
It’s up to me and you,
To make this special love last forever more

Baby you told me that you love me and you’d never leave my side,
Through the bitter end, through the thick and thin,
You promised me baby that you wasn’t going anywhere, yes you did
Baby keep it real, let me know just how you feel

(Repeat Chorus)

I can’t explain the way you make me feel,
Everytime that you tell me that you love me,
And you know you did, so many times,
Just when I thought that love could never be a part of me,
That’s when you came along,
And showed me happiness,
Baby you are the best,
I think you’re different from the rest,
I really love you

(Repeat Chorus)

Tell me it’s real,
This feeling that I feel,
Tell me it’s real,
For your love,
I will do anything

(Repeat Chorus)

( Do you really love me? Do you really care?? You promised that
you’d never leave my side, you promised that you’d always be there!)

And Momma told me take it slow,
boy you just don’t know,
anything about love,
if u and I were meant to be,
u would know,
it would show,
by the end of the song.

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