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Healing – Julianne Lyrics

Lyrics of Healing – Julianne

Don’t like no more empty stares
And lingering smiles
Plague me with unrest
I’m weary and tired
From this unintentional test

Tell me what it is that
You’re trying to portray
If you’re short on words
The longer are the things to say
Let me walk out of your world
Allow me not to see
Your eyes that sting
Lips that sing
No tune no melody
Yet still inviting me

Obscure and clear confusing day by day
Exclude me from this selfish game you play
Hear me out and listen
To what I have to say

You don’t know me
You don’t own me
Don’t even think you can control me
I don’t need this mortal feeling
Walk away as I am healing

Time has past and
I’m no longer weak and tired
My former self has died
And now I am aspired
Now your empty stared
And lingering smiles
I welcome as a guest
Coz at this foolish game we play
I am the best

Not because I’m numb
Or have become like you
But rising from my false demise
I’ve learned to know who’s true
Within myself apart from you
You’ll see you’ll realize
Along this line you’ll read the signs
Know me as me not one for you

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