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Jealous – Juana Lyrics

Lyrics of Jealous – Juana

Jealous – Juana

youre happy when im in misery
you love to see me fall down my knee
I know what youre up to
youve never been a friend from
the start ive known you

You like it when somebody hurts me
when im down seems you wanna party
i can read your mind
and i dont think i like what i see

I tried my best to please you
i tried to be one of you
but you really dont like me at all
or youre just jealous
you say i am getting all the attention
when it should have been you

Your insecurity is driving you so mad and crazy
all you do is to be mean to me
but im all numb when you do it

my successess, cause you stress
you cant stand my skills and ability
you cant get rid of me
you know i dont give up easily

you hate it when i am in the lead
you hate it when i get a grip of my dream
wanna know whats wrong with you
you dont have a life
wish i haven’t known you

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