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I’ll Be the One – Jovit Baldivino Lyrics

Lyrics of I’ll Be the One – Jovit Baldivino

does he ever make you smile?
or leave a tear in your eye?
And does he paint your life in gray?
I’d like to color it someday

I’d reach my hand up to you
When the world is cold and blue
I’ll be your hero baby
If you let me be, I’ll be the one

I’ll be the one to love you more
I’ll be your everything and more
I’ll be your rainbow baby after the rain
I’ll be the sun that warms your soul
I’ll be the someone you could hold
I’ll be your hero baby, take me
I’ll be the one

I have faith in all you do
Well does he feel the same way too
When everything won’t turn out right
I’ll turn the darkness into light

To hold you
I will be the air you breathe until the end of time
I’ll be the one to please you
I will never never never let you down

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