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Slow – Jensen and the Flips Lyrics

Lyrics of Slow – Jensen and the Flips

I know we gotta take it slow
We are, we are, we are
So don’t you worry about me
No rush no rush no rush

I like the way things are
I know you’re just protecting your heart
Just wait a while and you’ll see
That you girl were meant for me

And I don’t see something that will take you from me
We could be doin it passionately
But baby baby we just gotta take it real…

Slow (gotta take it)

Touch me as I kiss your lips
You know I like it like that
Come on make me feel that heat
Let’s make this thing worth while

Move a little bit closer (closer)
Take me on whatever (ever)
Swing a little higher (higher)
Put me on forever (ever)

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