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Is This Love – Jensen and the Flips Lyrics

Lyrics of Is This Love – Jensen and the Flips

I was looking for some answers that you wore
Dim lights, you’re mine tonight
And all our clothes are on the floor
Stare me down
Hear the sound of this
World we ought to know
I’ll make you go

Looking past this troubled glass
Of our lies we rise and fall
We aimed for faults to which we hold we go


So is this love we’re feeling?
Is this love we are trying to do?
Is this love we’re makin?
Tell me is this love
…or just another night with you

Sail my fingers to your lips and
Hold me close and press me to your hips babe
Blankets shrouding us
Naked bodies though we’re nevr gonna make it
‘Til the sun rises I know we ain’t gonna make it

We can only have…tonight

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