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Dangerous – Jensen and the Flips Lyrics

Lyrics of Dangerous – Jensen and the Flips

We started making plans
Taking chances with our hands
Telling ourselves that’s it’s just the way
We have to understand it. I ain’t telling no one
That we just did something

This is a backseat story I know that we ain’t sorry
With all the windows bathing
And both of our hearts are racing

Looking at you staring at me,
Telling myself that I ain’t falling.
What should I do? What should I say?
You making me feel that this is something.
I want, we want it, just take it. Don’t fake it.
Ohh we move a little dangerous tonight.

Oh oh woah woah.
Come a little bit closer babe
Imma let you rough me up babe
Kiss me just a little bit more
Don’t worry I ain’t tellin’ no one

As I watch the stars fade out from those eyes
And the sun comes up in the sky
It’s been a while since we’ve been here
Time to put our clothes back on dear
I know there ain’t no chance
Of we be doin’ it again

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