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Shoot to Kill – Greyhoundz Lyrics

Lyrics of Shoot to Kill – Greyhoundz

Here’s what is waiting fine
Enough of the nights
We need the cushion
From the height
How high we’ve fallen
From last night
Trying to make it right

Turn my life
So get rid of those sweat
Is on your eyes
We need a room
Much brighter tonight
See how much you’ve wasted us
So just now is this time

You’re doomed!
Do you shoot to kill?
Do you shoot to kill?
Uh what?
Now Shoot!
(Repeat 3x)
Do you shoot to kill?
Do you shoot to kill?
Uh what?
I’ll let your worn be.

We die for the drama
That abuses the most
So reap this pyro piece
Of space of peace and quiet
That I have hope for
I hope

Make it an enter for two
Into what it’s time to us to be
High low
Shoot back say hi
How can you miss your mark
I’m only an inch wide

(Repeat Chorus)

Let it bleed!
Let it bleed!

Sheds the name
Bring out the smoke
Sheds the kill
Bring out the swing
(Repeat 2x)

Sing me a song of resolution
Stop hanging in the news
I’d like to move a lot
And serenade you

Don’t just hang in
Coz it makes you feel good
We’ll make up much this ambiguous
This is our saga
This is our circus

(Repeat Chorus)