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I Believe in You – Gino Padilla Lyrics

Lyrics of I Believe in You – Gino Padilla

I Believe In You – Gino Padilla

I always thought that life was sad
For someone who’s not free
I felt the chains binding me
from the things I want to see

But when you came you changed it all
I’ve never felt the same
I’d hate the thought of losing you
When there’s so much more to gain

I believe in love
I believe in you
I believe in everything
The two of us can do
I believe in miracles
I’ve seen them all come true
So won’t you take a chance with me
Cause I believe in you

One night I looked upon the stars
And saw one shining bright
Guiding me through all these times
When nothing did seem right

But now I’ve come to realize
There’s no else for me
Cause after all the pain I’ve felt
You’ve come to set me free


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