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Once in a Life Time – Freestyle Lyrics

Lyrics of Once in a Life Time – Freestyle

Once In A Life Time – Freestyle

Been thinkin bout you baby
And I dont know what to do
All I think about is you
Seems everything around me
Things I’ve never understood
They all make sense when I’m with you.

Oh, I’ve heard it before
Finding so called love then you leave it behind
But now I feel so sure
I’ll listen to my heart this time

I know that what I’ve found is once in a lifetime
I know there’s no way out
Coz its once in a lifetime

I’ve always been so lonely
No one there for me to hold
And every night was just so cold
Oh don’t get me wrong i’ve been around
But i’ve resigned myself to thinking
Mine is just another story often told

It’s not like im runnin’ outta time
I’m takin’ everything in stride
It’s just i never thought i’d find
what would make me change my mind

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